Saturday, September 30, 2006

# 924. Krazy Kelvin - Morbid & Murder

19 Years Not Out !!!

Wen Hui Cui, a chinese student jailed in 2004 for the murder of his estranged girlfriend and her friend in 2003, has had his grounds for appeal dismissed. He was sentenced to a mininum non-parole period of 19 years, which he appealed against. He was 21 years old at the time of the murders.

Talk About Morbid !!!

We have your father - we will give him back to you, in return for a large sum of cash !!! It wouldn't of been so bad, if he was alive !!! When thieves broke into a lady's house, they stole various items, her car as well as her "father" who had recently died and was cremated. His ashes were in an urn, that the thieves stole. They wanted "money" in return for the ashes. The police set up a "sting" operation, but the thief got away in his own vehicle. They later found his vehicle abandoned, with the stolen property & the "urn" in the boot of his vehicle. The thief got clean away, but left behind some of his own property which clearly idenitified him.

A Sandwich Short Of A Picnic

A lady said, as he went outside her house late one night to check her vehicle, someone forced her into the vehicle, drove to a park, splashed petrol around inside her vehicle as well as on her and set the car and her on fire. She managed to put out the fire on herself, rushed to her near-by home where she called the police, ambulance, etc. her story unfolded, it collapsed like a deck of cards. It turned that that she drove her car to the park, splashed petrol in it and over herself and set the car as well as herself on fire !!! She must of been not one sandwich short but two sandwiches short of a picnic - in other words really, really krazy !!! How could someone in their right mind or their left mind or whatever, do such a stupid bloody thing, as set themselves on fire. You have to wonder sometimes at the mentality of people.


A 15 year old teenager old shot his father to death and then shot himself.
A brother & sister in their 40's were both found dead from gunshot wounds. No word as to who pull the trigger last.
A father faces a murder trial over the death of his 7 month old daughter.
A teenage girl has been committed to trial for the murder of a 16 year old girl.

An Accident !!!

A story was in the papers, a while back was about a teenage boy who shot his father accidently, but he still faced trial for the "murder". The man & his wife who owned a farm, were going away for a couple of days for their anniversary and had left their 2 sons to look after the farm. The wife had brought her husband a rifle as an anniversary present and it was left in their lounge. As the couple drove down their long driveway and up a hill away from the farmhouse, the boy play-acting, picked up the rifle, looked thru the scope out the window and pretended to pull the trigger at his parents vehicle, but.........unbeknown to him, the rifle was loaded !!! The gun went off and his father who was driving the vehicle, ended up getting shot in the back of the neck & killed. A pure accident - it had to be !!!

Does Size Matter ???

It's all in the size of ........ - what a load of crap !!! You would think that "scientists" time & money would be better spent on helping to cure people of sickness, illness, etc rather than doing a study and comparing the length of the index & ring fingers of women to find - "Women with ring fingers longer than their index fingers are significantly better at most sports, but while a longer ring finger is associated with some desirable traits, such as musical skill, a longer index finger is associated with others, such as intelligence".
You are going to get "girls" looking closely at their fingers and saying why should I bother, I am hopeless. Rather than getting stuck in and giving it a go for what it is worth !!!
Next thing you know, they will be saying that men with short ring fingers have short willie's and therefore are no good in bed !!! (hehe) You will find women will be looking at the length of a man's finger, rather than star-gazing into their eyes !!!

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