Saturday, October 14, 2006

# 922 Krazy kelvin - Morbid & Murder

A Tragic Accident

The Amazon jungle is a noisy place with chattering monkeys & bird life singing, at the best of times & at the worst of times, but when military searchers parchuted into the remote Amazon jungle there was an errie silence............155 people, including 4 children and a 11 month old baby, laid dead in the wreckage of the new Boeing 737-800, making it the worst aviation accident in Brazil's history. The Boeing, which had clipped a smaller executive jet in mid-flight accident, plunged nose-first to the ground in the jungle, while the smaller plane managed to aloft and land at a nearby airport. Charges may be laid against the pilot of the smaller jet.

Manager Robs Own Bank

Watch for the thick can you you be ??? Mark Scott, a former USA marine and Gulf War veteran and his partner, Vanessa Ada Scott have pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated robbery and two charges of kiddnapping after one of those "dumber than dumb" schemes !!! Mark arranged for his partner and 2 accomplices to rob the bank (before the bank opened for business) where he had been the bank manager for 11 months, by leaving a side door to the back entry of the bank unlocked. During the "robbery", the two bank tellers who knew nothing of the "robbery" were tied up, but not before one made a attemped break for the front door. The "robbery", was seen by a member of the public using an ATM machine outside the bank. She alerted the police who arrived in time to arrest the two accomplices not far from the bank. Vanessa managed to make her getaway with the money - nearly $136,000 !!! Later in the day, during questioning the two accomplices owned up to the fact that the "robbery" was a set-up which resulted in bank manager Mark & Vanessa been arrested later in the day. Not before they had a chance though, to spend $370 of the "bank's money" on groceries.

India Bans Children From Working

India has introduced a nationwide ban on children working as domestic servants and restaurant helpers. But not far from the gates of Parliament at a roadside tea stall, in Parliament St, a young boy still works as a chai-wallah. From 6am until 10pm, Monday to Saturday the boy fetches & carries tea and washes dishes, all for the pricely sum of 300 rupees ($9.98 or 11c an hour) for a 96 hour week. He is one of the millions of itinerant children who have no choice but to work to help support their families, in a country where 80% of the population - 880 million people - still live on less than $3 per day. The ban came this week, as Indian Prime Minister, Dr.Manmohan Singh was in London, celebratingseveral multimillion pound investments deals between British and Indian businesses.
Since 1986, India has banned children under 14 working in a range of hazardous activities, such as fireworks and match-maiking (the match you light your fire with) The decision to add domestic & restaurant work, follows a rise in the new middle classes taking on young boys & girls as servants.

Mum Lost In The Post !!!

A Scarborough, Ont. family postponed their mother's memorial service and burial after her ashes were lost in the mail. The lady passed away in Cobourg, a city about 110 kilometres east of Toronto, on Sept. 19. She was cremated and the memorial service was scheduled for Saturday. The family had her remains sent by Xpresspost, but the package became lost in the mail. "It's a horrible enough thing to go through when you lose someone, but then to have this added to it, there's just no words for it". The family is calling the last 24 hours the "most horrible" of their lives. They frantically tried to get answers from 9 a.m. Friday until the package was found by Canada Post at about 10 a.m. Saturday. While they are relieved to have found their mother's remains, the memorial service had to be postponed because the package will not be delivered until Tuesday, after the long weekend. The family hoped to receive an apology from the postal service. Canada Post has offered to refund the cost of mailing the package

Supermarket Shopping !!!

Shopping at the supermarket will never be the same.............again !!! If only it was possible.

Young & Youthful or Old & Wrinkled !!!

It seems that in Kenya, you will never grow old - well at least you pass the ripe old age of 55. A Government minister has proposed changing the legal definition of "youth" to anyone aged from 15 to..........55 !!! A two decade jump from the current ceiling of 30 years. If passed by Parliament, it would put "youths" within 5 years of Kenya's official retirement age of 55.

Old before your time or young before your time ???

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