Sunday, February 11, 2007


Someone will be waiting in the Darkness, watching in the Darkness, whimpering in the Darkness. Someone will be screaming...someone like you! Are you prepared to experience heart wrenching terror? Nothing in your life has prepared you for
Spookers Haunted Attractions.
The most intense experience of your life is to be found in the Nurses Hostel of the old Kingseat Hospital.

NZ Murder's

This year in NZ, 12 people have been murdered in the first 40 days !!! What's wrong with our country ? Six murders were alleged domestic related where women have been murdered by their husband or partner as well as 6 other murders. Arrests have been made in 11 of the murders.

Korean Woman Murder

One of the latest murders was a 42 year old Korean woman, Misook Kim. A Korean man, Chul-Jun Cho, 43 has been charged with murder, attempted murder and arson. He set fire to the first floor of a building which housed a dental surgery in Henderson, Auckland. Dental assistant, Misook Kim, died in the fire, while Cho and another man managed to escape the fire with minor injuries and smoke inhalation.

Trying To Pass The Buck

When you buy a ticket with the ferry company, Fullers, you take your chances so I certainly wouldn't give them my money to travel to Waiheke Island, because they don't give a kaka. They are quick when it comes time to take you to Waiheke, an island not far from Auckland and even quicker to take your money before you get on board, but bloody slow to bring you back. That is if they are prepared to bring you back.The last sailing from the island is 12.30am with the next one not due to depart for another 8 hours. It seems that the captain, (if you can call him that - no doubt people called him other words) sailed away and left behind 120 people stranded on the island, because he considered the ferry too full, to take on board any more passengers. For safety reasons, they should count the number of people they take on each ferry sailing to and from the island, but it doesn't seem they do. If they had of been counting heads, they would of known how many people were they had taken to the island and how many were still left on the island and arranged for another ferry, as a back-up. They (Fullers) will hopefully be dragged over the coals for leaving the 120 people on the island to fend for themselves. The people they left stranded should also be given a free return ticket to Waiheke - that is if they want to put their trust in Fullers again. I certainly wouldn't. If some of those 120 were tourists to NZ and they each told a few friends when they returned to their country don't even think about visiting Waiheke Island, especially not on Fullers think of the harm it can do. I hate to say it, but they (Fullers) shot themselves in the foot. It was a bloody cold night/morning with people having to light fires on the beaches to keep warm. They had another slower ferry on the water from Auckland to Devonport which they could of sailed to Waiheke to collect those stranded. It's not as if the people stranded could catch a taxi home.

It Was Hung(a)ry Turkeys

It seems that Britain's first outbreak of avian bird flu may have caused by semi-processed turkey meat imported from Hungary. Up to 38 tonnes a week were been sent to the processing plant of Bernard Matthews turkey farm in Suffolk, where the H5N1 strain of the flu virus erupted a week ago. It was on one his 57 farms at Holton in Suffolk, where the flu broke out last week killing 2600 turkeys, which lead to the mass slaughter of 159,000 more turkeys. The Bernard Matthews company has a large Hungarian subsidiary, which produces turkeys under the brand name Saga. Avian flu had already been found in Hungury and so now it has ended up becoming quite a saga for not only UK turkeys but for people as well. You think the powers-to-be in the UK, who surely must of known of the bird flu in Hungury would of stopped all semi-processed turkey meat at the border or even disallowed it to even leave Hungary. Bernard Matthews has 3 meat plants in NZ where they process 1.4 million lambs a year, for export to USA, Japan and the Middle East.

Nothing Like A woman Scorned

A woman skydiver sabotaged her love rivals parachutes and watched her plunge to her death. Els Clootemans, 22 is alleged to have hatched the mid-air murder after learning her skydiving partner, Els Van Doran, 37 had been having an affair with her boyfriend.The death leap happaened when the two Belgian woman, the boyfriend and a fourth parachutist skydived from an airfield in Zwarteberg, Belgium. The four linked hands in a midair in a star-formation at 3660 metres. When they released hands at 1220 metres, Van Doran found neither of her parchutes would open and she plunged to her death, which was filmed on her own headmounted camera.

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