Saturday, March 10, 2007

Too Glossy For Toilet Paper

In yesterday's paper was a Warriors team poster which I filed in the round filing cabinet after I had a quick look. It seems that some early editions of the paper missed out on their poster so if I am lucky or unlucky enough to get another one in Monday's paper I'll file that in the same place. It's a bit glossy to cut up for toilet paper, but there was one thing that caught my eye - a doormat. A great gift to give someone who isn't a Warrior's fan for them to wipe their feet on. What a stupid thing to sell when you are trying to promote a team. A friend mentioned that "if" he did buy a doormat he would put it by his dog kennel.

First In The World ?

Legionella bacteria detected in a Christchurch hospital office-type water cooler filter may be the first case of its type in the world. The health department is warning businesse's to check office water cooler filters after the find. Our water cooler has a cover over it but whether that will make any difference or not, who knows. Something to do with enclosed space, heat from the sun, etc isn't it ? I don't know - anyone with half-a-brain ?


In last weeks M&M, I mentioned about the killing of three Salvadoran members of the Central American Parliament and their driver by 4 policemen, who didn't know that their squad car had a GPS transponder which put them at the scene of the murder.The four police, one of whom was the head of the Guatemalan National police, confessed to the murders and were been held in custody. Before they could testify as to who ordered the C.A.P members to be murdered they themselves were "killed" in their cells. Guatemalan officials have detained two dozen prison guards and the prison's director for questioning. Many suspect that the nation's powerful drug gangs are behind the killings of both the C.A.P members and the four police.

Found Guilty

NZ chef, Glenn McNeil has been found guilty of murdering Sydney woman, Janelle Paton on Norfolk Island in 2002. The jury delibrated for 11 1/2 hours before delivering their unanimous verdict. Paton had more than 60 injuries to her body when it was found.
After a 4 year investigation, McNeill was arrested last February at his home in Nelson. His lawyer described McNeill as "a gentleman" !!! It was the first murder on the island for over 50 years.

Frogs Legssssss

All frogs have 4 legs, do they not ? If you answered yes, you are wrong. A NZ boy found a frog in a muddy pond that had 6 legs, but before scientists could get their hands on it, the frog "croaked". Think of all the money that could of been made, breeding 6 legged frogs. A radom glitch in nature - who knows. He has gone to little froggy heaven.

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