Friday, October 27, 2006

#919. NEWS FLASH !!!

Chris Kahui, father of the two baby boys - Chris & Cru, shown here - has been charged with their murder.

Chris Kahui's lawyer is vowing to fight to prove her client's innocence. The father of twins Chris and Cru Kahui has been remanded in custody for two weeks after being charged with their murders last night. Outside court today, his lawyer, Lorraine Smith told the media her 21-year-old client is innocent. She says the process has begun and she is getting ready for a good fight.
The three-month-old baby boys died on June 18 from head injuries after being taken to Starship Hospital in Auckland. Thursday evening Detective Senior Sergeant John Tims formally announced a 21-year-old was being charged with their murders saying the "jigsaw was complete".

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