Sunday, October 29, 2006

#918. Krazy Kelvin - Morbid & Murder

Pot Of Gold !!!

The old saying that there is a "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow is all kaka and this photo proves it !!! It may be "gold" in colour, so you are welcome to it, if you want it. Me, well I'll rather sit on my hands than the toilet and wait..........for the next pot of gold !!!

We seem to have got "kaka" at both ends !!! (hehe)

Chocolate & Vanilla !!!

They say that when a child is born, it either takes after his father or his mother. When it's twins well you have a choice - one can take after the father and one can take after the mother, but which ? In this case of twins, it is very easy to tell which baby takes after which parent, because in a one-in-a-million chance, one baby is dark like his English-Nigerian mother, while the other baby is more pale like his English father.

300 Hours !!!

The Northland teenager who accidentally shot & killed his father, has been sentenced to 300 hours community service.

An Accident !!! A story was in the papers, a while back was about a teenage boy who shot his father accidently, but he still faced trial for the "murder". The man & his wife who owned a farm, were going away for a couple of days for their anniversary and had left their 2 sons to look after the farm. The wife had brought her husband a rifle as an anniversary present and it was left in their lounge. As the couple drove down their long driveway and up a hill away from the farmhouse, the boy play-acting, picked up the rifle, looked thru the scope out the window and pretended to pull the trigger at his parents vehicle, but.........unbeknown to him, the rifle was loaded !!! The gun went off and his father who was driving the vehicle, ended up getting shot in the back of the neck & killed. A pure accident - it had to be !!!

Keep The Home Fires Burning ???

In Arundel, West Sussex when volunteer firefighters arrived at work they got a shock, even though what they saw is something they see day in & day out in their line of work. They saw a building well ablaze but they couldn't do anything about it, even though they had a fire engine. All they could do was phone for the fire brigade and stand and watch while their "fire station" burned to the ground which had their fire engine inside. It seems that their fire station which is unmanned overnight didn't have any fire or smoke alarms !!! Why would you need them ??? It didn't say if they arriving at work to go out on a call-out or not, but hopefully they weren't on a call-out !!!


Tom Cruise & Kate Holmes put on show at a New York art gallery, a scatological sculpture said to have been cast from their baby's first bowel movement. It was cast in bronze and was intende to be auctioned off on eBay with any funds raised to go to charity.

I wonder how much a krazy monkey's "stool" is worth, if it was cast in bronze ??? Any takers ??? Eating lots of yellow banana's should make it a "golden colour" !!!

Playing Skittles !!!

The old game of skittles where you knock down skittles with a ball, took on a whole new meaning when a man used his sports utility vehicle to knock down pedestrians in San Francisco !!! One person was killed and at least 13 other people were injured in 20 minutes, when the man drove thru the streets and up on sidewalks knocking down people !!!

Now You Know !!!

Have you always wondered why "voters" always get s*** on from a great height ?

Well, wonder no more !!!

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