Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wet Nurse !!!

Luxury cars, diamonds & yachts are commonplace for China's super-rich but a new status symbol has been added to their list of must-haves - a wet nurse. No, not a nurse who looks after you when you are sick and can't bath yourself, but a nurse who lets "baby" suckle her titties !!! The practise of babies been suckled by women other than their own mothers was branded decadent by Mao Zedong and was stamped out by the country's post war leaders. But in the booming cities of the east the monyed classes are no longer contstrained by the taboo's of their communist overlords and they are looking to the past excesses of their ancestors. In addition to producing high-quality milk, the new breed of wet-nurses are often required to emulate their imperial predecessors by displaying refined manners and reciting Ming dynasty poetry.

The Blind Leading The Blind

One was "blind-drunk" & the other was well, just blind with only 5% sight but they thought that between the two of them, they could get to where they going. While the "blind-drunk" man sat in the passenger seat, he helped steer the car been driven by the "blind-man". While trying to turn into a supermarket carpark they missed the entrance and hit a retaining wall. The "driver" admitted a charge of reckless driving and was disqualified for driving for two years. Nothing was mentioned about his "drunk" co-driver.

Don't Eat Beans !!!

An American airline passenger with a slight medicial condition attemped to mask the odour of her flatulance by striking matches but instead caused a bomb-panic. The plane made an early landing and while the crew & passengers went thru a security check again, bomb-sniffing dogs found the spent matches on the plane. The flight took off again, but the lady wasn't allowed back on. It pays not to eat baked beans 24 hours before a flight because you are likely to cause a stink & a bomb scare !!!

Something Smells Funny !!!

Great For Guests

When you get guests who "over-stay", do you think the will get the hint to leave, when you change the toilet roll to this !!!

More Proof

A blogger (who shall remain nameless) wanted more proof that the scotsman doesn't wear anything under his kilt.

How much more proof do you need than this !!!

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