Sunday, December 03, 2006

Spread Some Xmas Cheer...........

I think Madam Grizzle would appreciate a visit to her blog. She does a lot of work for our 4 legged feline friends and she is a wonderful woman !!! Hopefully she will be back soon to do some more posts on this blog. She is also listed above in the banner.

Snow Anyone ???

I think someone forgot to put their top on !!! (hehe) I have mentioned his blog - Cave News - at #381 on my blog 21 21 21 Great Blogs To Read

Guilty As Charged !!!

David MvSweeney, a former police detective who murdered his wife in a frenzied knife attack, will spend at least 15 years in prison. He was well known as the arresting officer in the case of the Rainbow Warrior bombers.

Something I Read

They now have a name for it.......when a woman's botched boob implants end up been boo boo's, they say she is suffering from an affliction known as "furniture disease" - her chest has fallen into her drawers !!!

Baby Carries Foetus

A boy has been born with the foetus of his "twin" brother in his stomach, in what doctors say is a rare case of "foteus in fetu", in which one twin is trapped inside another during pregnancy. A scan on the mother in the southern city of Temuco, Chile revealed a 10cm long foetus, inside the stomach. It had no limbs and no head and stood no chance of survival. After the birth, doctors operated on the baby and removed the foetus. In time to come when he grows up, he will be able to say he gave birth to his brother, but his brother was dead. The number of cases recorded worldwide is less than 90.

They Got To Go To The Ball

Twelve students from St Margaret's, an exclusive Christchurch girls school will get to go the "ball" after all. The girls were banned by their principal from attending the traditional Leavers Dinner and end-of-year ball after they were caught taking part in a "grundy run" - wearing either a bra & rugby shorts, or knickers & a T.shirt - thru Christ's College, a nearby boys school. The St Margarets Old Girls Association which organizes the "ball" said they can attend the ball but they still remain locked out of the dinner. Maybe they will get something to eat at the ball !!!

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