Sunday, November 05, 2006

#917. Krazy Kelvin - Morbid & Murder

Please Pass The Scissors !!!

Two sisters in Ireland, must of thought that they were been really crafty with their scissors, but it all came back to haunt them. The two "scissors sisters", Charlotte & Linda Mulhall bludgeoned to death Farah Swaleh Noor, their mother's Somali boyfriend after an argument. They then spent several hours cutting up his body with scissors before dumping the bits. A leg from the body, was later found by some youths floating in Dublin's Royal Canal. Charlotte has been convicted of murder and Linda convicted of manslaughter. Their mother Kathleen, who was also involved is on the run and is been sought in Britain.

Pardon ???

All 306 British soldiers shot at dawn for cowardice or desertion in World War 1 will be granted post-humous pardons. Defence Secretary, Des Browne has decided to cut short a review that had benn prompted by campaigns to exonerate the man and emergency legislation will be put before the House of Commons. The campaign strength after a decision by the New Zealand Government in 2000, to pardon the 5 NZ soldiers who were executed.

Mind Your Manners !!!

If one day in the near future when you are dining out and you see someone at the next table "making a pig of themselves", don't be too quick to judge them, because who knows - it may be in their genes !!! A NZ company wants to run another year-long trial involving 8 adult diabetics, where insulin-producing cells taken from pancreas of aborted full-term piglets from a special herd are injected into the humans. The first trial was aborted in 1996 because of fears that humans could be affected by pig viruses. The Bioethics Council found that the potential medical benefits of transplants from animals to humans outweighted any cultural, ethical and spiritual objections. Oink, oink !!!

Teen Dies After Taser Shooting

A 17 year old USA teenager shot not once but twice by police with a stun gun died in hospital, the day after he had been shot. Police said that the teenager, who was carrying a bible and yelling "I want Jesus", would not acknowledge officers who approach him. They fired the stun gun at him and when he continued struggling, they shot him again. Amnesty International has urged police departments to suspend the use of Tasers pending more study.
New Zealand now has Tasers - the first person shot was a 18 year old youth, who was banishing a weed-eater.
No doubt, questions will be asked - How big was the 17 year old ? How many officers were there ? Were they worried he was going to throw the bible at them ? Was he high on drugs ?
Why in God's name, didn't they just sit on him ? Fifty thousand volts !!!

A New Kind Of Airbag

Don't get your tits in a tangle, but a Bulgarian woman was saved from injury in a car accident, when her 40DD breast implants, acted like airbags. They deflated in the head-on collision, in which the other driver was badly injured and both cars written off.

Guilty - Again !!!

A British man was found guilty again of murdering 3 generations of the same family. Builder David Morris, killed Mandy Power, 34, her 2 daughters and her disabled mother at their Welsh home in 1999. Morris had been jailed for life in 2002, but was retried after the conviction was squashed on appeal. The jury found him guilty again of 4 counts of murder.

1934 Hearse

Lot #91 of 92 vehicles & motorbikes been auctioned off, starting on Friday 10th November.
Comes complete with "coffin", so hopefully no-body is bidding against you.

I have mention the auction on my Motoring Blog

Mixed Message ???

A "hearse" in a former life or the start of been trained to be a hearse ???

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