Saturday, November 25, 2006

#915. What's Under Your Kilt ???

We were walking around town when we stopped to listen to a man playing bagpipes. Someone (no names mentioned) had the cheek to ask, if he worn anything under his kilt............. !!!
He said yes, but here's proof that the "scotchsman" doesn't wear anything under his kilt !!!

The World Is Warming Up

The icebergs floating around the bottom of our South Island NZ seem to have created a bit of a novelty for people paying out up to $500 for a helicopter flight out to have a look. One couple even wanted to get "hitched" on one, but it was considered too dangerous for a helicopter landing, so cold water was thrown over that idea. The nearest is 60 kms out to sea, so it wouldn't be legal in the eyes of the law anyway. They would have to be within a 12km zone - icebergs & the couple - to make it legal. It's okay for a "captain" of a ship to perform a marriage as he is the captain of his ship, but there is no captain of an iceberg. The world is "warming up" though as you can see in the knicker's photo !!!

Blog Your Little Heart Out !!!

Pezzi d'ufficio !!! A blog where I could not understand the language, but........the post of November 22nd, caught my eye, when I was searching the blog world. Sometime ago, I mentioned how you should sit down at your keyboard and let your frustions.......out !!! This cartoon does that and more.


Tengi said...

Hi Kelvin!
I'm Tangi from Pezzidufficio.
Me and my friend LCl are very happy that you joined us on Pezzidufficio!
We are from Milano, Italy. Our blog speaks about every day life at work: officemates, problems, and so on...
Thank you for your visit and... keep in touch!

LCL said...

Well, thanks so much for the link!
I'm sure that also in NZ you have some trouble in the office...
Next post will be in English, so you can read it!
Enjoy, LCL

LCL said...

Special post made for you in English!!! ;)